Making The Most Of The Internet When Selling Semi Trucks & Trailers

Jim McCormack
internet truck and trailer sales

Selling a semi truck or trailer is similar in many ways to selling any other type of vehicle, but there are some unique challenges to anyone trying to sell a large specialty vehicle. Fortunately, the internet makes it easier to find the right buyer for your truck or trailer. Whether you're a broker, a dealer, or a private seller, following a few key tips can help your truck sales go more smoothly:

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1.) Research Trailer Sales Online

Looking at other semi trucks for sale online is a good first step for understanding the needs of your buyers and seeing how successful sales are made. If you're working as a broker, scope out your competition for ideas and places to improve your techniques. Some things to look for in your research include pricing information, the type of photographs and vehicle information included in an ad, and where advertisements are generally posted and shared. Doing a bit of research in advance saves you from the struggle of going into a sale blindly.

2.) Take the Right Photos

Photos are the first point of contact your potential buyers will have with the vehicle, and good photos can make or break a truck sale. Bear in mind that the photos need to be informative as well as high-quality. Be sure that they are well-lit and in sharp focus so the buyer can see the important details, and photograph critical areas like the tires, brakes, undercarriage, inside of the cab or inside of the trailer. These detail shots will be more valuable than a simple exterior shot and can help improve the buyer's confidence that your truck is in good working order.

3.) Take Advantage of Social Media

Creating a good sales listing is only step one of the trailer sales process. Putting that listing in front of interested buyers is the crucial next step. Placing advertisements on vehicle sales listings is helpful, but it may not be as effective as going directly to where your buyers tend to congregate online. Social media and discussion forums can help you to find people with an interest in trucking and advertise directly to the people in the best position to buy what you have available. Instead of waiting for buyers to come to you, you can approach the people most likely to be interested in what you have for sale.


By taking steps to attract the right buyers, you can make your truck sales go more smoothly. The internet can connect you with interested buyers, and knowing how to catch their attention and highlight the value of your vehicle will help to boost the effectiveness of your truck & trailer sales.